Ann – Featured Staff Member

Ann Osman - Belvoir Andover


Projects Manager

If you are a Belvoir landlord, then the chances are that you will have spoken to Ann. Put a face to the voice and learn a little more about her…

About Ann

Ann has been with Belvoir for an impressive 10 years. Working her way up through the ranks to Projects Manager, her core responsibility is now overseeing the smooth implementation of processes and procedures that are influenced by legislation, the industry and the ever improving and evolving customer service improvements and requirements.

Ann is also responsible for the overall smooth running of the demanding Property Management Department where her and her team work tirelessly to meet the needs and requirements of the modern landlord.

Her department has a varied responsibility range. Fundamentally this is delivering the rent, on time for each and every landlord. This alone requires Ann to have a strong personality and thankfully she does not take fools lightly. Essential for protecting the interests of her landlords when it comes to tenants.

Second priority for her department is to ensure that the property portfolio is maintained either by the tenant or by our bank of approved contractors. Essential for keeping the property asset at it’s maximum value.

As well as the above two priorities, her department also is responsible for many other areas such as deposit disputes, inspections, client accounts and everything in between.

Ann with Belvoir business owners Greg Greatbatch, Phil Pinkney and sales director Andrew Bailey

What does Ann say

“I really enjoy the day to day work, the flexibility and relationships I’ve built over the years with our clients and contractors. I really like that no two days are the same”

“Sometimes it can be challenging to balance the relationship with landlords and tenants, all the while trying to satisfy the business owners relentless customer satisfaction demands for both!”

Ann Osman – Projects Manager

Outside of work

Outside of work, Ann enjoys reading and is a keen golfer. She has won two club championships at the Hampshire Golf Club – The ladies Handicap and the Mixed Championship.

Favourite song: A thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton is one of her many favourites

From the company

Ann has survived our ever-increasing service level expectations from an ever-changing industry. She has evolved with the business and is now one of our family. Whilst she is not pink and fluffy, she certainly gets the job done, by hook or by crook.

Greg Greatbatch – Business Co Owner