Latest Andover Property Data | Dec 2021

Here at Belvoir, we’re committed to providing the very highest levels of customer service, backed up by cutting-edge data. We’ve invested beyond that of the standard estate agent in Andover and therefore can be more accurate. This is crucial so that we can provide you with accurate values for your property. Most agents just look at what they’ve ‘sold recently’ to decide, we look at the whole market before we calculate, accurately, the value.

2021 has been the busiest year for the property market since 2007. Source: HMRC, Zoopla

This means your property is not left languishing on the market hoping that the value is correct. Take a look at some of the graphs below to understand the data averages we have plotted.

Because this is exclusive data for Belvoir, we won’t be sharing the complex intimate data online so that we keep this exclusivity within our business. If you would like specific data for your property, please get in touch today.

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Residential Lettings Data

What is the average lettings value for the different types of properties in Andover and how do they compare to the rest of the South East? The graph below plots this data for your review.

How have the values changed?

The graph below plots the % change in rent values over the past year. It is interesting to see there has been an increase in Andover across the board and that semi detached properties have exceeded the average for South East!

What is the age profile of tenants in Andover?

We can see, using the graph below, what the typical profile of an Andover tenant is and how that compares to rest of the South East. We have seen in recent years the shift of what were ‘first time buyers’ to now long term renters. The qualifying criteria for mortgage lenders continues to get more strict, forcing more and more renters into the market. Great news for landlords as this demand increases over time. We can see a 3.7% increase in 2021 for 18-29 year olds renting vs this time in 2020.

Residential House Sales


  • The HMRC predict 76,930 sales took place in October2021, a 52% decline on last month following the end of the stamp duty deadline.
  • Both Rightmove and Zoopla expect the market to be the busiest since 2007, with sales volumes in the region of 1.5 million. Rightmove anticipate 2022 will see more stable market conditions.
  • A lack of new instructions to the market is restricting sales. The latest sentiment survey from the RICS indicates a net balance of agents reported a continued decrease in a lack of new instructions, and a third consecutive month of falling sales. 70% of properties advertised on Rightmove are SSTC, the level of available stock at its lowest ever recorded level.

This last point particularly indicates that it is a great time to bring your property to market

Andrew Bailey – Residential Sales Director

So what is the average house sale price in Andover? The graph below shows how Andover is fairing compared to the rest of the South East. It’s interesting to see how house prices have remained pretty consistent throughout 2021 with a small increase in the first quarter.

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