Suggested Property Viewing Questions

When going to view a property, it’s natural to have a myriad of questions that you want to ask. It’s an exciting time and it can be an overwhelming one too, so going to a viewing armed with pertinent questions can help to clarify things in your mind and make your viewing run smoothly. So, what sort of questions should you ask?

How Long Has The Property Been On The Market?

If the answer to this is a fairly lengthy amount of time, this will give you a good starting point for further important considerations such as whether the price might be too high or there might be issues with the property. You could also ask if the seller has found a property to buy to give you an idea of the timeframe you might be looking at, should you decide to make an offer.

How Long Have The Sellers Lived Here?

Finding out that the sellers have only lived in the property for a relatively short period of time can set alarm bells ringing. Finding out the reasons for the move is very important. Estate agents are duty bound to answer questions truthfully and disclose any neighbour disputes. You could ask questions about the area too – schools and crime rate being the top of the lists for most people.

What’s Being Included In The Sale?

Although this will be disclosed on the Fittings and Content form, it doesn’t hurt to find out what will be included so costs can be factored in. Finding out later that all the carpets are being removed can be a rather unpleasant surprise if you had presumed they were included in the sale.

What Work Has Been Carried Out On The Property?

Finding out if any work has been carried out on the property is important, and especially so if you are not planning on having a full survey. Viewing planning consents and guarantees and receipts from tradespeople will provide some reassurance as to the legitimacy of the work.

Is The Property Freehold or Leasehold?

A good set of property particulars will clearly display this but it’s important to ask further questions, especially of a leasehold – how much longer is left to run, for example. Is there a service charge and a well-run management company? All factors that need consideration before making an offer.
We hope these pointers give you a good starting point in readiness for your property viewings. Always, if in doubt – ask!

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