Valuing your Property

Did you know that even in these unprecedented times, we can still value your home or rented property for sale or let despite the coronavirus and social distancing challenges?

Doesn’t matter if your property is in Andover, Ludgershall, Whitchurch, Tidworth or any of the surrounding villages, we have the means to accurately value your house or flat.

We’ve invested in valuation software that makes it still possible to accurately value property from a distance.

The software analyses local and national data and uses economic factoring to calculate a true value of your property. This coupled with our local team of property professionals can draw on over 20 years of local experience to hone this information to make it extremely accurate.

Government rules now allows for face to face property appraisals and marketing valuations. We continue to offer remote valuations via telephone or preferably video call. We encourage the use of video calling to do a virtual walk around the property, similar to the way we would in person, prior to the virus outbreak.

Drop us a message and book a no obligation marketing appraisal either in person, by telephone call or by video call, to find out what your property is really worth.

Complete this simple form and one of the valuation team, will be in touch:

Valuation For Sale or For Let