Do you know what your ideal home looks like?

When searching for your ideal home it is key to know what is important and, if you’re buying with a partner, making sure you agree on what your new home must have and what you would like it to have.

In this feature we give you some advice about homing in on what’s important and what elements can be relegated to a wish list. Please read on to find out more!

Alignment and Agreement

If you are hankering after an open plan living area and a large garden but your partner wants a cosy living room and a small, low-maintenance outdoor space, compromises might need to be made. Make sure you agree before you start viewing homes, otherwise you might just spend an awful lot of time seeking but never finding that perfect place.

Get Back To Basics (the Must-Haves)

Focus on the basics such as location and living space, i.e. the minimum number of bedrooms and your preferred town or village and add from there. Make sure you are (both) very clear on what the property really must have and what it would be nice to have. For example, a family of 5 might need to have at least 2 bathrooms. Space to work is on a lot of peoples must have list, as is a garden. Whatever your must-haves are, make sure you have them clearly in mind, or even better write a list.

Begin To Dream (The Nice To Haves)

Once the basics have been determined, it’s time to start to dream…what would be perfect if you could have it? Ok, so maybe a swimming pool might be just slightly out of reach but an extra bathroom, a utility room or guest room? Although these aren’t essential, they might just make life that little bit easier. Make another list but agree that these are areas of compromise.


Should you find yourself torn between more than one property, your Essential and Wish lists are going to come in very helpful. Do both properties tick all the Essentials list? How many items from the Wish list does it have? Comparing these logically might be just what you need to help you make the right decision for you.

Future Planning

Lastly, thinking of the future and how the home you buy might work for you and your life plans. Is it near to a good school? How about commuting, are there good transport links? What about amenities? You know what is important to you. As well as giving you longevity in your home, aspects such as these could add value to a property should it come time to sell it.

Looking to sell?

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