Top 5 tips for getting your property ready to let

If you are thinking of renting out your own home, or a buy-to-let property that you have bought for this purpose, we share our best advice on what you might want to think about before making it available to let.

Clean and well presented

A rental property should be well presented throughout. If the decoration is a little tired, it is advisable to have it re-painted. Consider sticking to a neutral colour and stay clear of bold patterns or colours.

Make sure everything in the property is in good order and fix all those little things that might show signs of damage – curtain poles that have pulled off the wall, doors that don’t shut properly, light bulbs that don’t work…every home has their own particular collection of these kind of jobs! Don’t forget the outside as well as the inside, addressing issues such as broken fences or loose guttering.

A rental property should always be professionally deep cleaned before it is marketed.

Serviceable kitchen and bathroom

Both the kitchen and bathroom(s) should be in good serviceable condition. Whilst it may not be necessary to replace all the fixtures and fittings, there may be some modifications that will help improve the overall look and feel. For instance, changing the tiles if they are broken or loose or fitting new worktops if they are scratched or stained.

If the property is brand new, we recommend that you put up anything that requires holes to be drilled – curtain poles or tracks, blinds, mirrors, toilet roll holders, towel rails etc

Whilst there needs to be a cooker included in the kitchen, there is no need to provide any other kitchen appliances as you as the landlord will be responsible for the upkeep of these appliances.

Provide a shower 

It is much easier to let a property that has a working shower, either instead of or in addition to a bath. Make sure there’s a suitable shower cubicle, screen or curtain so that there is no potential for costly leaks!

Carpets and floor coverings

Any carpets in the property need to be in a good, clean condition. Netural plain coloured carpets are recommended rather than strong colours or patterns. A professional carpet clean is the best way to make sure they are fresh and stain-free.

In the kitchen and bathroom, a wipe clean flooring is essential, whether this be a vinyl type covering or floor tiles. 

Safe and sound

A landlord safety certificate is required to certify that the boiler and any gas appliances are safe. There are also some electrical equipment safety tests that are highly advisable. In addition, there should be smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors fitted in the property.

Need more tips and advise?

Our friendly and experienced lettings team can offer specific advice on your particular property to ensure that you are compliant with all legal obligations.

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