Letter to our Tenants

Dear Tenants

We wanted to write you a note now the dust is starting to settle and we are adapting to the new temporary norm.  There has been so much information for us to digest and so many changes to put into place, not least staff working from home and lots of new legislation for us to interpret to make sure we are looking after you all but within the lockdown rules.  We took stock over the weekend and realised if you were feeling like we were on information overload we suspect our Tenants are too!

We hope that the factual information we have given to you on what to do if your income is affected by Coronavirus, and how maintenance may be affected has been useful to you, but we wanted to take a minute to thank you, on a personal level.  The team have spoken to many of you over the last few weeks and the level in which our community has pulled together has blown us away, the number of key workers amongst our tenants is amazing and we’re humbled to be looking after you all.

Please do remember we are here to help you in the best way possible and we look forward to speaking to you all in the coming weeks and as the lockdown may begin to lift, we look forward to seeing you!

Phil Pinkney, Greg Geatbatch, Andrew Bailey and the rest of the team here at Belvoir Andover