Landlord Update

New Management Software | Jan 2021

We would like to share with you some exciting news.

Over the past 18 months we have been planning our migration to a new property management software suite. This suite is the best available to the industry and only accessible by us financially thanks to the buying power of the Belvoir group (some 170 offices across the UK).

This software has all the very latest features and integrations to allow us to continue offering the very highest level of service to our landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers.

However, please be advised that from Monday 18th January for 2 weeks, there may be some disruptions/timings for rental payments. This is where we will be closing off client balances and opening new ones on the new system. This is a manual process and therefore will delay payments.

It is our aim for payments to be only adrift by 48 hours but in some cases it will be less.

If need be, we recommend that you check with your bank to ensure that the delay does not cause you any cash flow issues during this period.

Please bare with us through this process as we will be working hard to transfer 100’s of properties across to the new system as quickly but accurately as possible.

Please note, in the new system, each person/owner is listed once as a single legal entity. This means you will receive your own copy of a statement with a breakdown of the overall figures and details on your payment share.

This will also state your ownership share for a property, where this is one owner it is set to 100%, two owners are 50% each, three owners are 33.33% each and so on. If your ownership share is not an equal split, please let us know so we can update our records.

Thank you in advance.

Team Belvoir